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News Newsletters 2009/02 Turkish Carpets - Bergama

2009/02 Turkish Carpets - Bergama

Image - Turkish Carpets - Bergama

The city of Bergama is located in Western Turkey, North of the holiday town of Izmir near the Mediterranean. This knotting area, with many other regions in Turkey, is called Anatolia or Little Asia. The historic city of Bergama is overlooking the ruins of ancient Pergamon. For ages people were knotting and waving carpets in the areas around Bergama. In ancient times this was done by nomads, nowadays most Bergama carpets are knotted in workshops.

The former nomads made use of small horizontal looms. The antique Bergama rugs have a wool warp and weft, sometimes mixed with goat hair, they have a slightly higher wool pool. The weft threads are often red, on the back of the carpet red horizontal stripes can than be distinguished. The later Bergama carpets have a cotton warp and weft. On the traditional Bergama carpets the Gordian knots were used. The Bergama carpets are very decorative and durable. Usually the main colour is red or blue, with complementary colours yellow, ochre, ivory, sometimes orange or green. The Bergama carpets generally have medium sizes and square shapes.

The Bergama carpets have different motives and differ in fineness and quality of the knots. Many Bergama carpets with their strong geometric patterns remind of Caucasian rugs. Triangular, square and octagonal patterns were frequently used. There are also Bergama carpets with large, crochet, staircase shaped medallions decorated with roses and flowers, the medallions have broad boundary edges, which sometimes zigzag patterns or stylized twigs, but also star-shaped motifs in a circle or octagon motifs are found. The carpets often have broad flat sides at the end often finished as broad Kilims. The Kilim sometimes have small motifs ended often with braided fringes, sometimes finished with small coloured pompons.

World Famous painters from the 15th and 16th century often used images from carpet patterns from Bergama on their paintings. The painters Hans Holbein the Younger (1497-1543) and Hans Memling (1433-1494) are beautiful examples. In many museums, these beautiful paintings and antique carpets are displayed. Old Bergama carpets are occasionally found at art auctions and antiques fairs.

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