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News Newsletters 2008/04 Persian Carpets - Veramin

2008/04 Persian Carpets - Veramin

Image - Persian Carpets - Veramin

The city Veramin is located in north Iran, southeast of the capital Tehran. In the past several large and small groups of nomadic tribes lived in this region and made those beautiful woven and knotted carpets with their centuries-old traditional motifs and distinctive colours. They made salt -, saddle bags and not too large carpets, with among others, the Memling-motif, a similar Saryk-motif, the S-motif, Z-motif or motif. They worked usually on a horizontal loom. Warp and weft were of wool, sometimes goat hair or cotton and a pole of wool. Dark red, dark blue, beige, yellow and even brown and orange colours were regularly occurring in this beautiful and now rare nomadic carpets.

The present Veramin carpets are knotted in workshops and are recognized by their motifs and colours. These Veramin carpets were knotted on a vertical loom. Warp and weft are of cotton and a pole of wool and the Senneh knot is used. Royal blue, hot red, beige, pink and yellow colours are common. The Veramin carpets have a comprehensive picture with a broad flowered head edge on both sides with one or two narrow flowered edges.

Veramin has three different field decorations. The first is the Zil-i-Sultan or flower vase motif. The second motive consists of four equally large flowers in a diamond shape with in the middle of the diamond an equal flower which is often surrounded by small flowers, this motif is called Mina-Khani. The third motif consists of blossom branches and animal figures, often with lions and deers. The Veramin knot are fine knotted, very decorative, durable and come in many sizes.

Nowadays in India there are also found Veramin knotted carpets with a Zil-i-Sultan and Mina-Khani motif as the main pattern. Cities such as Mirzapur and Bhadohi, both located in the historic and touristic India state of Uttar Pradesh, have large carpet workshops were beautiful Veramin carpets are knotted. These workshops are dyeing the wool in contemporary colours, they're knotting Veramin carpets with a continuous drawing in all sizes, with refined Zil-i-Sultan and Mina-Khani motivation as head pattern.

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