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News Newsletters 2008/03 Persian Carpets - Mir/Serabent

2008/03 Persian Carpets - Mir/Serabent

Image - Persian Carpets - Mir/Serabent

Mir and Serabent carpets origin from Western Iran, knotted in the mountain area around Arak. Both the Mir and Serabent have a very contemporary design. Both types of carpet used the small Boteh motif as the main pattern. Boteh is also often called Mir-i-Boteh, it is a centuries-old motif and can be found in many Oriental carpets. Boteh takes the form of a drop with the top to one side and is known as Kashmir, Paisley, scarf, palmet, almond or pinecode motive.

The colours red, blue, cream were often used, even pink, green and tan. The carpets were made on a vertical loom knot. The warp and weft consist of cotton, the weft threads are often blue, the pole of wool. Serabent carpets have often Ghiordes knots, the Mir carpets Senneh knots. The Mir carpets are generally denser knotted than the Serabent carpets and look tighter and more regular, the Serabent rugs often have a tough, nomadic, appearance.

The Mir and Serabent rugs usually have a continuous drawing, with not too strong changes in the Boteh motif patterns. Mir and Serabent carpets with a central medallion and angular patterns are also found. The main edge of the carpet has often a geometric wave motif with small Boteh motive as an ornament, also known as the Shekeri motive . The edges sometimes have a peak- or leaf-like motif as a pattern. The Mir and Serabent carpets came in all sizes, even very long runners.

The Mir carpets are incredibly popular around the world, especially because of their timeless design and fits in almost any interior. Also India Mir carpets with the Boteh motif as the main pattern have a long history. Cities such as Mirzapur and Bhadohi, both located in the historic and very touristic India state of Uttar Pradesh, have large carpet workshops where beautiful Mir carpets are knotted. These workshops are dyeing the wool in contemporary colours, and they're knotting medallion and continuous Mir carpets in all sizes, with very refined Boteh motives as the main pattern.

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