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News Newsletters 2008/01 Persian Carpets - Keshan/Kashan

2008/01 Persian Carpets - Keshan/Kashan

Image - Persian Carpets - Keshan (Kashan)

The city Keshan (Kashan) is located in central Iran. For centuries the nicest and finest woven carpets came from Keshan and were made of both wool and silk. Many Antique Keshans are to be found in domestic and foreign museums. These museums are showing the beautiful art of carpet knotting from Iran and other countries. One of the most famous Keshans is the Ardabil - Carpet exhibited in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Warp and weft of the Keshan carpets are made of cotton or silk and the pile is of wool or silk. It uses the Senneh knot. Soft pastel colors alternated with red, blue and pink are frequently seen in both small and large Keshan carpets. In some silk Keshan carpets  silver and gold threads are used. A select group of Keshan silk carpets with silver and gold threads can be admired in museums or at art collectors and are known as Polish carpets. In the 17th century these Keshans were knotted in Iran on command of the Polish nobility.

There are Keshans with central medallions surrounded which flower and leaf motives, but also Keshans with continuous drawings. Keshan carpets are also known for their motives of hunting and vases or even images of people. Keshans with beautiful 'knotted-in' poems of famous ancient Iranian poets on the edges are no exception. Another collection of Keshan carpets is the group of Mohtashem Keshans. These Keshans were designed by Mohtashem and knotted in Mohtashem workshops. In these workshops the best silk and wool was used. They often used 'cork wool'.

On international Art exhibitions and auctions by museums and art collectors, very high prices are paid for old and antique Keshans.

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