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News Newsletters 2006/04 Persian Carpets - Heriz

2006/04 Persian Carpets - Heriz

Image - Persian Carpets - Heriz

Heriz is a town in the north west of Iran. Heriz is both in Europe and America one of the best-known carpets and very popular in the Netherlands for its strong quality and durability. The traditional Heriz rugs are generally less finely knotted, the patterns have a large geometric character and the carpet has a high piles.

The Heriz rugs are clearly recognisable and are often diamond shaped with a medallion with stylized flowers and four beige, blue corners. The edges are sometimes decorated with leaf motives, floral movies, Herati motives or arabesques. The colours red, blue, brown and beige are frequently used. The warp thread and weft thread are of cotton, the pile of sheep's wool. It utilizes the Ghiordes or Turkish knot. The sizes can be as much of 3.00 x 2.00 cm x 5.00 up to 4.00 cm, sometimes even larger.

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