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News Newsletters 2010/03 Persian Carpets - Yalameh

2010/03 Persian Carpets - Yalameh


The Yalameh carpets are knotted in south-western Iran. This vast area, including the province of Fars, is best known for her fine nomadic nodding art. In recent decades the Yalameh carpets are nodded by the allied tribes of the Luri - and the Kashkay nomads. The Yalameh and Kashkay carpets have the familiar diamond shape medallions in common, which are decorated with tiny hooks. But the Yalameh rugs have a traditional contemporary design, with both the uniform geometric patterns as well as the special colours.

The Yalameh rugs often have a wool warp and weft, sometimes processed with a blend of wool and goat hair. The pile consists of fine shiny wool of good quality. Both the symmetric (Ghiordes) - as the asymmetric (Senneh) knot is used. The Yalameh carpets look very regular and are often finer than the other nomadic carpets from Fars. Yellow, green, red, orange, pink, beige and blue colours are frequently used in Yalameh carpets. Small to medium sized rugs are produces, including runners and rugs with square dimensions.

Yalameh rugs often have a large central pattern containing two or more vertical medallions in the shape of a diamond. The centre medallions are surrounded by large rosettes, small animal figures and flowers. The four outer edge patterns often show small geometric flowers, stars and birds. The main edge and the small edges are often processed with small flower and winding motifs. The used colours mix harmoniously.

Yalameh carpets regularly show continuous drawings. Several rows of square panels containing diamond medallions then do occur. Both the edges as the square panels have very contemporary colours and creative geometric motifs. Sometimes the panels are removed and you will only see the continuous diamond medallions, with the main edge and the small edges.

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