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News Newsletters 2010/02 Persian Carpets - Maslaghan/Mazlaghan

2010/02 Persian Carpets - Maslaghan/Mazlaghan


These very recognizable rugs origin from the Hamadan region. This mountain area is located in western Iran. This region is known for its beautiful stylized nomad carpets, Maslaghan rugs are a good example. These rugs are pure handicraft and are not made in large studios. The Maslaghan carpets can be clearly identified by the medallion with a lightning or zigzag design. In the villages Noberan, Kerdar Saveh often similar patterns occur.

The Maslaghan carpets generally have a cotton warp and weft. Sometimes a weft of wool or a blend of wool and goat hair. The pile is from wool with often very shiny appearance. The Ghiordes or symmetrical knot is used the most. The background is often blue and red. The geometric patterns are beige, red, yellow, blue, white, sometimes green and black. The Maslaghan carpets are not large, about 2.00 x 1.35 m. sometimes slightly larger or smaller.

Over the length of the tapestry we see two beige zigzag motifs, which resemble lightning. Between these two motifs there's is a central blue medallion on a red background. In the medallion one sees frequently a coloured diamond, star, or rosette boteh motifs as decoration. Around the medallion a continuous vine motif, trimmed with coloured stylized flowers, is often seen. The extreme four corners are decorated with coloured star and rosette motifs, as it were stuck together. The beige head sometimes has a continuous blade design or a continuous or turtle motif. In the two narrow sides, the diamond, star and rosette motifs return. The ends are fringed or have a narrow Kilim border.

Maslaghan carpets are still available, both in oriental carpet firms as well as specialized auction houses, often combined with other carpets, furniture, paintings and glassware. If you want to sell a carpet or other fine artwork it is possible bring it in an auction house. During the viewing days potential buyers get a clear picture of the objects. On the auction one can make a bid, and finally get a beautiful carpet or another beautiful work of art.

If you want to know more about Maslaghan carpets or buy and sell by auction houses, please contact Van der Hulst Oriental Carpets through our contact form or e-mail



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