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News Newsletters 2010/01 Persian Carpets - Abadeh

2010/01 Persian Carpets - Abadeh


In south-western Iran, in the mountain region of Fars, lies the town Abadeh, halfway between the cities Isfahan and Shiraz. In this cities and the surrounding villages, three completely different carpets designs are knotted. Examples are Abadeh carpets with repetitive vase patterns or carpets with only narrow vertical stripes. Even carpets with a diamond shaped medallion with four geometric corner patterns are very common. This diamond-shaped medallion is also found in Shiraz and Kashkay carpets. Abadeh has many historical sites and is also known for its wood carving art.

The Abadeh carpets usually have a cotton warp and a cotton weft. The weft threads are often blue coloured. The pile is wool. The Senneh knot is most often used. This knotting type is also known as asymmetrical knot. The main colours are of the Abadeh rugs are red, blue and beige, with pink, brown and yellow and even green and black as supporting colours. The sizes go up to 3.00 m. x 2.00 m. The Abadeh carpets do not have a have a nomadic finish like the Kashkay and Shiraz rugs. The Abadeh carpets have a  clean and modern look.

The older Abadeh rugs often distinguish by their narrow vertical light and dark stripes. This stripe pattern is called Moharamati. In these stripe patterns there is frequently a small wave pattern. The stripe patterns are surrounded by a wide edge with on either side two smaller edges. The main edge is often beige, containing small birds and flowers as decoration. The narrow edges show arabesque motifs. Completely different are the famous continuing vase patterns. This flower vase patterns are called Zil-i-Sultan. These birds decorated blue flower vases often have a beige background. The vases are surrounded by a beige floral main border with two smaller floral borders. Abadeh carpets with Shiraz and Kashkay patterns are perhaps the best known. This diamond-shaped medallion pattern is called Hebatlu.

At present also in India carpets are knotted with the Zil-i-Sultan as head motif. Cities like Mirzapur and Bhadohi, both located in the historic and touristic Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, have large tapestry workshops where beautiful carpets are knotted. These workshops are dyeing their wool in very contemporary colours and they are knotting carpets in all sizes with very surprising patterns.

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