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News Newsletters 2007/03 Persian Carpets - Mossoul

2007/03 Persian Carpets - Mossoul

Image - Persian Carpets - Mossoul

The city of Mossoul lies not in Iran but in Iraq. The carpets which bear the name Mossoul were knotted on a horizontal weaving-loom by travelling nomads. There aren't many nomads carpets with so much geometric patterns like these ones. They are small in size, with big knots, high of pool and not entirely smooth shaved. The shiny wool that the travelling nomads used was top quality. The sides of the Mossouls bordered with thick coloured wool.

The Mossoul rugs often have frills on one side (end of the carpet) and on the other side beautiful twined sides (beginning of the carpet). The squared patterns are often characteristic.

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